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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  December 29, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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round of rain is causing serio ms for the morning gusty winds. mud slides. and thousands without power. the latest round of rain is causing serious problems for the morning commute. we've got the trouble spots, and when it is expected to dry out. there is still some major flooding concerns in the north bay this morning. how the rain can make a massive sewage spill even worse. good morning. it is wednesday, december 29. i'm grace lee. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. sidney and juliet have the morning off. the time now is 4:30. well, we are on storm watch. let's get straight to tracy trace -- tracy humphrey with where the rain is coming down. >> coming down in a few locations in the san jose area. but for the rest of the bay, it is essentially wrapped up.
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and for today, we will just have a few lingering showers. but let's revisit what happened. last evening, boy, it was coming down in buckets. oakland, you picked it up. more than two inches of rainfall. and more than one inch in san jose. more than one and a half inches of rainfall in santa rosa. as well as in mill valley. and look at san jose, down there, and with just more than a half of an inch of rainfall. and with the rainfall, we did have some gusty winds. and we are still seeing some gusty winds. hese are the highest wind gusts we've had across the bay area since midnight. oakland at 38 miles an hour. and san francisco gusting as high as 40 at sfo. and inverness, winds gusting to 37. san francisco, ocean beach, 49 mile-an-hour wind gusts. and sustained winds averaging around 25 miles an hour. and that is a look at your weather, i will throw things back upstairs to you, ladies. >> all right. thank you, tracy. a sewage spill in marin county is one threat from the
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storm that dumped record amounts of rain on parts of the north bay. and joe vasquez checked out the problem. >> the rain is steady an the driving is treacherous. in petaluma, at rinehart truck stop, water is puddling up, flooding parts of petaluma boulevard south. the same sort of pooling is happening along parts of 101, from petaluma to marin, although the water is not quite as high. a downed tree in kentfield covered part of the roadway. north bay communities braced for a major rainstorm even though most we talked to don't seem to mind it. >> i like it. it is nice. it makes everything a little more difficult to drive to work. >> what was driving like? >> it is really dangerous. it is scary. >> we get some rain. so we get some good snow for the hills. >> reporter: the creeks an rivers are still a long way from capacity. although the marin municipal water district reservoirs are at 97% full, according to the marin ij web site. they're usually at 70% this time of the year. and that should not be a
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contributing factor to any flooding. in larkspur, there is still serious concern about sewage. they have set up a temporary sewer line along mack knolla avenue and an -- magnolia and an overflow and pipe breaks caused 3 million gallons of sewage to flow into the cord madera creek. they will be monitoring the situation. joe vasquez, cbs 5. you can expect a blustery day today all over the bay area along with the rainy conditions. especially along the coast. a gail warning will start at 10:00 this morning. and that is expected to run until midnight tonight. we have gusts over 50 miles an hour. but that did not stop people from heading to the coast and on to the pacifica pier. >> it is raining in the middle of a fy toon and any second, you -- typhoon and any second, you
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feel like you will be blown off the bridge and kind of exciting and scary at the same time. >> there are warnings to stay away from the ocean today. wind gusts of more than 30 mile-an-hours have been felt around the bay area this morning. the storm knocked out power in parts of the bay area. the latest outage, more than 6,000 pg&e customers in castro valley. most other outages have been restored. more than 40,000 customers in san francisco and on the peninsula lost power for a couple of hours last night. let's go to gianna with a look at the traffic and is the weather affecting the roads at this hour? >> even though the rain has eased up quite a bit, it is leaving a mess behind. a few closures to start the morning off with. devil slide, highway 1, between linda martin and first street, we have a mud slide and highway 1 is shut down. they are hoping to have it row opened by 10:00 this morning and delays through there. if you can, if you have v-to head to san mateo county, and -- if you have to, you can head to san mateo county. and elsewhere this morning,
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reports of a trouble spot on the westbound side of 80. they have issued a traffic advisory. we are dealing with flooding in that area for both directions of 80. and southbound 680 ramp to 101, flooding reported in lanes in that area. you can see the rest of the freeways on the live sensors looking pretty good. we're looking at slick surfaces from the wet weather. give yourself extra time this morning. you can see the wet roadway through the bay bridge. and the metering lights are off. that's a look at the morning commute. back upstairs to you guys. >> thank you. activists have come together in san francisco this morning, speaking out against live poultry sales at the farmer's mark. the market is held twice a week at un plaza. the group, lgbt compassion is protesting public health and animal cruelty concerns. tied to selling live birds in the city. they lame to have documented local, state and federal violations at the farmer's
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market. and supporters of live poultry sales say it is a cultural tradition that should not be regulated. san jose police have identified the man with the rifle who went on the bizarre crime spree at valley fair mall in san jose last week. the suspect has been identified as 28-year-old joseph jenkins. police think he is a transient and is armed and dangerous. they also say jenkins hit the rifle in his trench coat when he tried to rob several mall stores. he tried unsuccessfully to carjack two people before he finally robbed a clerk at a nearby men's warehouse store. and he ran from the scene after carjacking a woman at knife point. the numbers of police deaths are on the rise across the u.s. deaths in the line of duty have jumped 37%. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund reports 160 federal, state and local officers died this year. that's the sharpest increase in gun-related deaths that we've seen in a while. but the number one cause of death among officers is traffic
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accidents. and 73 policemen died in traffic-related incidents just this year. the pilot who exposed security flaws at sf ox has -- sfo has gone public. his name is chris lou, a pilot for american airlines and held a news conference yesterday at the sacramento airport in an attempt to silence critics. they went on the attack after he posted video on youtube last month highlighting ground crews at sfo entering secure areas without screening. and when tsa objected, lou took them down and lou says he had no idea the uproar he would create. >> this was never about being famous for me. this was about aviation security. >> the tsa is now investigating him. san francisco's outgoing mayor is working on ways for the next mayor to save money. gavin newsom has found nearly $20 million worth of savings. that, after he asked department
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heads for ways to cut budgets, by 20%. the chronicle reports san francisco's deficit for the next fiscal year will be about $380 million. newsom leaves the mayor's office early next month to become california's lieutenant governor. all permits for san francisco's first target store have been approved. the doors are scheduled to open in 2012. now, that store will be at the westfield metrion center at fourth and mission. construction starts next month. transit agencies across the bay area are offering free rides. and extended service, to travelers on new years eve. and riders can find free transportation on all san francisco muni trains and buses between 8:00 p.m. on new years eve to 6:00 a.m. on new years day. and some lines will also see extended service and extra buses will be added. cal train is offering free rides after 11:00 p.m. on friday. and bart will stay open until 3:00 a.m.
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on saturday. and starting on saturday, ac transit will no longer accept paper tickets as payment on buses. and the agency is switching over to the new clipper smart cards. riders are urged to use their unused tickets by friday. any remaining value on paper tickets can be added to your clipper card. it could be new years before some passengers stranded from the east coast blizzard actually make it home. the massive storm is still causing a ripple effect throughout the country. thousands of passengers whose flights were canceled were stranded at airports in boston and new york, and some may even be there through the weekend. >> they have rescheduled my 6:00 a.m. flight, that was supposed to leave this morning, for thursday. >> i get one day at a time and pretend it is like an expedition, like you're going on a camping trip. >> he has a good attitude. a plane with 250 people on board
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was stuck on the runway for eight hours. it could take up to two weeks for airlines to find flights and seats for the weary travelers. >> i wouldn't be happy if anyone shot me while i was sleeping, either. >> i wouldn't, either. >> talking trash in one bay area city. the penalty it is considering if you leave your garbage out too long. plus, i-phone and i pad users take apple to court. why they're accusing the company of leaking personal information. and -- >> we heard the word ambulance chaser used. >> and he is fighting from letting annoying e-mail from clogging your in box. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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well, the rainfall has moved out. but the winds, they're still kicking. oakland, international airport, winds gusting as high as 38 miles an hour. and sfo at 40. inverness, sustained winds at 25 miles an hour. gusting as high as 37.
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and ocean beach, 49 mile-an-hour wind gusts. it will be blustery during the day. we will take a look at today's forecast coming up. >> thanks, tracy. . :4:43 there have been complain it will limit the amount of time neighbors can leave the bins at the curb and there have been complaints of garge and recycling containers sitting outside for days and it is not clear when the ordinance would take effect in atherton or what it would cause. on the consumer watch, julie watts introduces us to a lawyer who is taking spammers to court and winning. >> you know, try this pill. >> you have $20,000 waiting for you and you immediate to give us the information. >> everybody hates spam. >> i get hundreds or thousands of spaniels every week. >> but for daniel, that spam
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runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> i have sued probably 75 or more since i started in 2002. >> that's when he quit his job to pursue a law degree in hopes of stopping spammers once and for all. >> targeted marketing is one thing -- >> but women who get grow a bigger big penis and then men for bigger breasts. >> he believes the win spam case was the first in california to go to a trial. and an appeal is pending. and mail wean -- while many call him the ultimate spam blocker, many others have a different name. >> spam ambulance chaser has been used. >> there is a handful of companies he has used. >> spam is not illegal. the united states commerce made determination unsolicited e-mail is protected by the first amenity. >> as long as it is truthful and
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meets other requirements. >> it is the other requirements that allowed him to win so many cases. from fake "from" names and deceptive subject lines there are many things it that can make things like this illegal under state law. >> he is going after legitimate companies on questionable claims and he is able to get settlements on a lot of them just because of the nuisance value. there are some companies that don't want to fly in and defend the claim. >> balsam says his goal is to rid the world of unwanted e-mails one spammer at a time and kelly admits that is noble -- >> the other level, a spam chaser or a parasite on small business. >> i'm not sure how it is an ambulance chaser and abusing the process to sue under a law that the legislature passed. >> that's what he will keep doing. to the delight of many. >> if people are sending you stuff illegally, that's not right. so i'm all for it. >> on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs 5. and balsam stresses just
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because he wins a judgment doesn't mean they pay. and he says the most difficult part of his yob is actually tracking down -- job is actually tracking down spammers. the web site, check it out, dan hates spam .com. it helps you do just that. and we put a link on our web site, and click news. then consumer. this morning, apple is being sued for allegedly handing over personal information to third party groups. and two separate groups of i-phone and i-pad users filed a suit here in california. they say certain software applications are passing their information to advertisers without their consent. earlier this month, "the wall street journal" reported that smart phone apps may be sharing personal data, quote, widely and regularly. the time now is 4:46. a major surprise in the first snow survey of the season. plus, a new salmonella outbreak spreads across more than a dozen states. the latest product making people sick. these were pretty bad for us. and now they're less bad for us.
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>> well, from bad to better than bad, the healthy changes coming to some of your favorite snacks. and i love it ♪ ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong announcer: it's always nice to come home. but many americans are at risk of foreclosure and losing their homes. making home affordable from the u.s. government has already helped over a million struggling homeowners like these. the sooner you act, the better chance we can help you.
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man: ♪ i'm home woman: ♪ i'm home ♪ where i belong today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachel
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is the family whose lives she spared. causing concerns at the site of a sewage spill. crews have set up a t ine at welcome back. you're taking a live look in larkspur, where the storm is causing big concerns at the site of a sewage spill. crews have set up a temporary sewer line. this is at magnolia avenue. and now, last week, an overflow and several pipeline breaks caused 3 million gallons worth of sewage to flow into the cordmadiera creek. officials will be closely monitoring the situation. and we will have our own live report coming up at 5:00. >> it is now 4:49. on wednesday morning. state inspectors in maine are working this morning to find out what caused a ski lift accident at a popular resort. eight people were hurt yesterday, when the lift failed. and some of them fell as far as 30 feet into a soft snow pack.
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and three of those victims are children. the lift was shut down earlier in the day because of strong winds. but was then determined to be safe to operate. family and friends are mourning the loss of a sonoma county snowboarder found dead at a canadian resort. 20-year-old cooper plaxico of windsor was snowboarding at the mountain and went off the trail and never came back. the report is that plaxico fell into snow in a deep creek and his body was found christmas day 15 feet below the snow. he had been attending humbolt state university. phenomenal. that's how the state department of water resources describes the first snow survey of the season. it shows water content well above 100% of normal for the northern sierra. in the southern sierra, that number is 267% of normal. the survey chief says the results are surprising. that's because we're in a la nina condition which usually
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makes for a drier northern california. >> california is now on the list of states where it is going to -- well, we're going to take a look at the weather, actually. the wind. >> tracy? >> well, we're talking about the deepest snow pack in december in 17 years. that's crazy. but good for now. here is a look at what we're dealing with today. this is going to be the story. not the rain. but the wind. oakland international airport, winds gusting as high as 38 miles an hour. and sfo, sustained winds at 28. gusting up to 40. and inverness 21, sustained. now at 19, gusting as high as 27. and ocean beach, around the coastline, 41 mile-an-hour wind gusts. golden gate bridge yesterday, winds gusting as high as 60 miles an hour. that came through around 10:00 last night. here is a look at the high def doppler, not a lot going on. the rainfall, it is essentially all but wrapped up. but boy, did it come down. here is a look at the storm
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totals. they are worth talking about. more than two inches of rainfall in oakland. close to one and a half inches of rainfall in san francisco. more than that in mill valley as well as santa rosa. and more than a quarter of an inch of the rainfall in mountain view. and more than a half of an inch of rainfall in san jose. here is a look at the satellite and radar, as the cold front came through the bay area and dumped all of the rainfall on us throughout the evening as well as much of last night. and today, it is all about the cold. building in back behind the passing cold front. and the windy conditions that will be in the forecast for today. out the door, a windy start. showers still possible. temperatures for this morning, in the upper 40s to the mid-50s. for this afternoon, windy and cold. 20% chance of a lingering shower. can't rule it out. and temperatures in the lower to the mid-50s. for the sierra, still looking at a winter storm warning in effect until 4:00 this afternoon. and mostly cloudy conditions thursday as well as friday. with a little bit more sunshine expected for new years eve. thursday we squeeze out some
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sunshine. friday is, that a chance of showers in there new year's eve? best chance is friday afternoon. and look at that, saturday and sunday, more showers in the bay area. monday and tuesday, we will squeeze out a little sunshine. there is baby new year. happy new year, 2011. and chance of rainfall. temperatures from 40 to 47 degrees. look at him. he should put some clothes on. that's a look at weather. we go to traffic. >> starting off with a wind advisory, and chp had a wind advisory for most area bridges. dumb barton and san mateo bridges affected. and windy conditions in the daly city and san mateo area still. and they still have wind advisories to 280, 380, 92 and parts of highway 1. you can see it on the live sensors on the map. we're seeing some slow and go speeds on the southbound and northbound side of 280. 47 miles an hour as you work your way through san mateo. over to highway 1, both
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directions shut down between lindmar and first street due it a mud slide. we will have a live report in just minutes. looks like you will want to ute 92 instead commuting out of half moon bay and then 280 up toward san francisco. elsewhere, highway 9 at redwood, a full closure here. this is due to power lines down in the roadway. and they're hoping to have it reopened at least by 5:30 this morning. this happened early -- in the early hours and highway 9 is shut down in both directions at redwood gulf. and the rest of the south bay, not too bad. a live look at 280. not too bad. slick surfaces. wet roadways out there from last night and this morning's rain. overall traffic is moving pretty well. we have some flooding reported at 680 and 101. that has since cleared in the last half hour. if you're headed to the sear ras, heads up. you -- sierras, head's up. you need chains. and parts of 88 are shut down due to the snow between silver lake and picket's junction. you can see a few cars headed out on there on 80. plan to take your snow tires or
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chains this morning. a live look at the bay bridge. so far, so good. one of the bright spots this morning. but still slick surfaces out there. the metering lights are off. and a few cars southbound 101. mass transit might be a good choice for today. everything is on time. that's a look at your morning commute. now back to you guys upstairs. >> on time. that's what we like. 4:55. that's what we like. >> and california is on the list of states where salmonella cases have been linked to alfalfa sprouts. the outbreak has hit 16 states with nearly 100 cases being reported. more than half of them are in illinois. the fda says you should not eat sprouts from tiny greens organic farm in urbana, illinois. new this morning, help is on the way for people who have sleep apnea. scientists are about to start testing a new device that works like a pacemaker, zapping the tongue to keep the airway open. during sleep apnea, a person's tongue and throat muscles relax which block a person from breathing. the study though is still in its
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early stages. a popular brand of snacks is going natural. don teeg tells us, starting next year half of frito lay's products will be made entirely with natural ingredients. >> reporter: in suburban dallas, renee gonzalez and her daughters are shopping for healthy snacks. >> do you want to get some apples? >> reporter: at this supermarket, specializing in natural food, bags of lays potato chips are nowhere to be seen, but that could soon change. frito lay, the world's largest maker of snack foods is going natural. sort of. beginning in 2011, half of the products, including lays potato chips and tos totos and sun chips will be made entirely with natural ingredients. >> this is probably one of the most evolutionary things we've done at frito lay. >> that is good news for gonzalez. >> i will compare the ingredients to see what is in there, and is it better. >> reporter: what won't be on the labels are artificial
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flavors and preservatives an the flavor enhancer msg. but many fritos brands will still be high in fat and sodium. >> these were pretty bad for us and now they're less bad for us. >> reporter: one reason companies are using more natural ingredients is because that's what consumers are asking for. according to some surveys, as many as 70% of customers want natural products. which isy major fast food chains have all rolled out healthier menu items in recent years. so why isn't frito lay going natural with all of its products? the company says it just can't make cheetos or doritos without artificial flavors. but in this test kitchen, they're working on it. don teeg, cbs news, dallas. and time now is 4:57. the overnight drenching is still causing problems across the bay this morning. >> how the north bay has survived the storms and the sewage situation this morning.
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that's coming up. and it is windy along the coast. this road is closed. highway 1 at devil's slide. we will talk about the mud slide and the wind factor coming up next. and speaking of winds that is affecting your drive on parts of 280 through san mateo, and also closures to report, as you work your way this morning. a look at the morning commute coming up in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,
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